Death by Chokehold
May 20, 2023 Markus Barth
lapel choke in bjj
lapel choke in bjj

Chokeholds frecuently pop up as a cause of death while arresting a person. This has lead to a ban of chokeholds for law enforcement in many parts of the US. On the other hand, chokeholds are considered one of the safest submissions for both training partners. Strange, isn't it?

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Why your first stripe is so important
April 23, 2022 Markus Barth

Most BJJ practitioners, when asked about the most important promotion, will probably tell you that getting your black belt is the most important moment in your BJJ career. This may be true but unlike in many other martial arts in BJJ only few people get there. So, apart from Black, what other promotion is important? I think it's your first stripe on your white belt and here is why.

Locust Load Test
OpenRateCache Released
March 28, 2021 Markus Barth

For someone not familiar with the pitfalls of the online travel business it may be surprising that one of the major problems consists in the delivery of accurate prices in real time. As rate calculation takes time this information is usually cached. However, conventional databases struggle with the sheer amount of data.

Toptal application form
A Million Application Forms and counting
Feb. 22, 2021 Markus Barth

Whether you are looking for a job or sign up on platforms for offering your skills as a freelance, many of these sites require you to pass your cv by means of a web form. In the end you spend your precious time filling in forms over and over again instead of coding or working on your project. Is this really necessary?

Ticket form
Print your own numbered tickets
Feb. 3, 2021 Markus Barth

Have you ever needed numbered tickets for a raffle, as entry tickets, vouchers, inventory or any other use? With this online ticket printer you can now generate PDF with the design of your own personal tickets readily laid out for printing.